Conditions for provider


Everyone who wants to offer services (Home management, home maintenance, provider of products, etc.) and can make a contribution to house management (also from afar) in the broadest sense of the word, and does not compete (condition) with Koopwoningen Oostenrijk B.V., KWO GmbH and KWO-I GmbH, can apply for participation, and therewith placement, in the part of the service platform of KWO-S that is accessible after signing up.

A Service provider is provided the possibility to state a reference.

KWO-S assumes that the service provider performs his or her services conscientiously, in accordance with the agreement with the client (homeowner).
KWO-S reserves the right, in case KWO-S receives regular complaints about a service provider, to remove the service provider from the service platform, with effect from the following month. In this case, a part of the amount paid for participation in the platform, in proportion to the number of months of no participation in the current year from january first to december 31st, will be refunded.
After abuse, deception and the like, a service provider can be removed from the website immediately.

KWO-S does not participate in any way in the substance and content of the communication between client and service provider and/or hiring for services by the client (homeowner) and the performance of the services by the service provider.
KWO-s does not participate in this process of supply and demand and does not participate and is not responsible for payments/compensations from and to client and service provider, in whatever form.
KWO-S is not responsible for errors arrising from filling out the applicationform by the service provider.


After you have applied for service provider via the applicationform, you will receive a login code. This will give you access to the part of the KWO-S Serviceplatform, that is accessible after log in. Here you will find different categories of service providers and also your own profile. The client (homeowner) can easily and quickly make contact with the service provider, via email and/or telephone.


A subscription for the with login code accessible part of the KWO-S Serviceplatform will cost:

1. For a company: € 3.00 per month, € 36.00 per year, which runs from january first untill december 31st of the same year.
Registration fees are once-only € 15.00.

2. For a private person: € 1.00 per month, € 12.00 per year, which runs from january first untill december 31st of the same year.
Registration fees are once-only € 10.00.

All prices are without VAT, changes are reserved.


Cancellation has to take place before the beginning of the next settlement period. In case cancellation did not take place before the first of december, the subscription will automatically be extended.


Payment of the amount due can only be done in cash at Bäckerei Matitz, or by preauthorized debit . The payment will be debited early in the last month of the calendar year (december), before the start of the new service platform year, which runs from january first untill december 31st of the same year.
In case the amount due cannot be debited from your account, it will be tried a few days later. If then it is still not possible to debit the amount due, once-only a reminder will be sent. After this the participant will get two more weeks to pay the amount due. If after this period the amount due has still not been paid, then the personal login code and profile will be removed. The reminder will be outsourced and all the extra costs that come along with this will be borne by the participant.
Initial payment will be collected directly upon initial subscription.


The part of the service platform accessible with login can be available from the moment that your applicationform has been returned completed and you have received your personal login code, untill written notice of cancellation.

At the start, a partial amount has to be paid, in proportion to the number of months of participation in the current year, which runs from january first untill december 31st of the same year. After the 31st of december a new annual amount will automatically be due, for the next service platform year.